Helios AIR1® compact units

Helios AIR1® compact units

Helios AIR1® compact units

The new dimension in efficient ventilation with heat recovery

Helios AIR1<sup>®</sup> compact units

The new dimension in energy-efficient ventilation with heat recovery. Helios AIR1 offers four unit series for ceiling installation or floor-standing installation, with highly efficient cross counterflow or rotary heat exchangers and for internal and external application. 22 unit types in a volume flow range up to 15,000 m³/h guarantee a selection for practically all areas of application. Helios AIR1 is perfectly complemented by a wide range of accessories with different heating and cooling options, sensors and a multi-level filter concept. 





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Air1 Serien Gruppe
Learn about the Helios AIR1 product range!

If you have big plans, you will find exactly the right solution for energy-efficient ventilation with heat recovery. The Helios AIR1 product range with 4 series and no less than 28 unit types guarantee a suitable selection for virtually all areas of application.

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Helios AIR1 offers the following:
  • Fast delivery of all types
  • Flexible and simple installation
  • Immediately ready for use due to integrated controls
  • Eurovent-certified components
  • Units with VDI 6022 (hygiene) certification available
All set?

Quick and easy. This also applies to the Helios AIR1 control system. Be it during the commissioning or operation. In this respect, there are various automatic control options using sensors and different control elements through to integration in modern central building control systems.

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Digital support á la Helios AIR1. Before and after purchase.
Air1Select Screen Laptop
The fastest way
to a customised ventilation unit

Very little basic data is required to configure your Helios AIR1 ventilation unit. AIR1Select subsequently provides results including detailed calculation results at a glance – simple, secure and fast.

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Explained step by step:
Installation and commissioning

Helios proClips contain helpful tips and support you with the installation, commissioning and control of our new compact ventilation units. Numerous videos are already available on our YouTube channel. Please feel free to drop by!

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Helios AIR1 is suitable for practically every area of application

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Desired nominal air flow
Unit position
Heat exchanger

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Ref.-No. Type Vmin (m³/h)Vmax (m³/h)Pa (ext.) at VmaxHeat exchangerSeriesMountingUnit position Actions
4350 AIR1 RH 12000 169013300400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4359 AIR1 RH 12000/SO 169013300400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4343 AIR1 RH 1500 3001600250RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4352 AIR1 RH 1500/SO 3001600250RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4351 AIR1 RH 15000 169015000400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4360 AIR1 RH 15000/SO 169015000400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4344 AIR1 RH 2000 3302100250RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4353 AIR1 RH 2000/SO 3302100250RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4345 AIR1 RH 3000 7903000250RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4354 AIR1 RH 3000/SO 7903000250RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4346 AIR1 RH 5000 6655150400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4355 AIR1 RH 5000/SO 6655150400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4347 AIR1 RH 6000 8456200400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4356 AIR1 RH 6000/SO 8456200400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4348 AIR1 RH 8000 10808000400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4357 AIR1 RH 8000/SO 10808000400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4349 AIR1 RH 9500 13809700400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
4358 AIR1 RH 9500/SO 13809700400RotaryRHFloor-standinginside, outside
40736 AIR1 XC 1000 L 320960200Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
40735 AIR1 XC 1000 R 320960200Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
4332 AIR1 XC 1400 L 3301450250Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
40117 AIR1 XC 1400 R 3301450250Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
4333 AIR1 XC 2200 L 4102350250Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
40118 AIR1 XC 2200 R 4102350250Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
4334 AIR1 XC 3200 L 5203100250Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
40119 AIR1 XC 3200 R 5203100250Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
4330 AIR1 XC 500 L 170570200Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
40115 AIR1 XC 500 R 170570200Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
4331 AIR1 XC 700 L 315680200Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
40116 AIR1 XC 700 R 315680200Cross-counterflowXCCeilinginside
4335 AIR1 XH 1000 345950250Cross-counterflowXHFloor-standinginside, outside
4336 AIR1 XH 1500 3301490250Cross-counterflowXHFloor-standinginside, outside
4337 AIR1 XH 2500 5202430250Cross-counterflowXHFloor-standinginside, outside
4338 AIR1 XH 3500 8253150250Cross-counterflowXHFloor-standinginside, outside
4339 AIR1 XH 4500 6654150250Cross-counterflowXHFloor-standinginside, outside
4340 AIR1 XH 5500 8455400400Cross-counterflowXHFloor-standinginside, outside
4341 AIR1 XH 7000 10806300400Cross-counterflowXHFloor-standinginside, outside
4342 AIR1 XH 8500 13808300400Cross-counterflowXHFloor-standinginside, outside
40609 AIR1 XHP 1000 350920250Cross-counterflowXHPFloor-standinginside, outside
40610 AIR1 XHP 1500 4501435250Cross-counterflowXHPFloor-standinginside, outside
40611 AIR1 XHP 2500 7002300250Cross-counterflowXHPFloor-standinginside, outside
40608 AIR1 XHP 750 270780200Cross-counterflowXHPFloor-standinginside, outside
40613 AIR1 XVP 1250 4451220250Cross-counterflowXVPFloor-standinginside
40614 AIR1 XVP 1800 6481560250Cross-counterflowXVPFloor-standinginside
40615 AIR1 XVP 2500 8772360250Cross-counterflowXVPFloor-standinginside
40616 AIR1 XVP 3500 12153100250Cross-counterflowXVPFloor-standinginside
40612 AIR1 XVP 850 362775200Cross-counterflowXVPFloor-standinginside