System components

System components

Maximum individuality for Helios KWL systems

System components

Helios offers a wide range of solutions for enhancing KWL systems with customised system components: Geothermal heat exchangers guarantee that the intake air always flows into the ventilation unit in an energy-optimised manner to further increase system efficiency. The HygroBox ensures a healthy indoor humidity all year round as an active humidification unit – automatically and hygienically. 


KWL® HygroBox
Active humidification for a feel-good atmosphere

Designed specifically for ventilation systems in residential buildings and offices, the Helios HygroBox (accessory for Helios KWL ventilation units) automatically guarantees a healthy feel-good atmosphere with ideal air humidity throughout the year.


Optimal humidity
  • Constant indoor climate with ideal moisture content.
  • Prevention of expensive damage to furniture, wooden floor coverings and antiques.
  • Alleviation of allergy symptoms and health impacts. Strengthening of the immune system by reducing the lifetime of bacteria
    and viruses.
  • Reduction of fine dust and electrostatic


Ground-to-brine and ground-to-air heat exchangers 
for maximised system efficiency

Geothermal heat exchangers SEWT and LEWT significantly increase the efficiency of ventilation units with heat recovery!
They save even more energy and bring heating costs down to a minimum. The optimal addition to a Helios KWL system with heat recovery.


Get the most
out of Helios KWL
  • Additional preheating and prevention of icing during the cold season.
  • Pleasant ”natural cooling” on hot days.
  • Complete kit with coordinated components.

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