Explosion-proof roof fans

Explosion-proof roof fans

Explosion-proof roof fans

In accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

Explosion-proof roof fans

Helios Ex roof fans RD/VD Ex are suitable for conveying potentially explosive gas, vapour and air mixtures which are created e.g. in a fuel depot or during battery production. They comply with directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and they are available with vertical and horizontal outlet directions for flow rates up to 13,000 m³/h. 


Series RD/VD Ex
  • Complete portfolio up to 16,500 m³/h.
  • Example area of application:
    Fuel depot, battery production.
  • Explosion-proof casing terminal box as standard.
  • Perfectly matched accessory components for individual systems.
Helios roof fan video:

RD/VD Ex roof fans in a comprehensive Helios ventilation system

Presence detector or sensor for Ex concentration

Helios EUR control system

Example of use:

RD/VD Ex ensure permanent basic ventilation. Various sensors, which react to e.g. movement or Ex concentration, send a signal to the EUR control system and control the fan in a targeted way. This ensures demand-oriented ventilation, even in highly sensitive fuel depots.

Required air flow (Vmax) (26)
Nominal-Ø (mm) (26)
Maximum speed RPM (min-1) (26)

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Ref.-No. Type Vmax (m³/h) Nominal-Ø (mm)blow_out Actions
07191 RDD 200/4 EX 610200horizontal
07239 RDD 225/4 EX 845225horizontal
07273 RDD 250/4 EX 1350250horizontal
07303 RDD 315/4 EX 2890315horizontal
07329 RDD 355/4 EX 4345355horizontal
07358 RDD 400/4 EX 6030400horizontal
07363 RDD 400/6 EX 3840400horizontal
07390 RDD 450/4 EX 8580450horizontal
07391 RDD 450/6 EX 5630450horizontal
07416 RDD 500/4 EX 10230500horizontal
07414 RDD 500/6 EX 6535500horizontal
07432 RDD 560/6 EX 9410560horizontal
07450 RDD 630/6 EX 16480630horizontal
07178 VDD 200/4 EX 580200vertical
07237 VDD 225/4 EX 810225vertical
07265 VDD 250/4 EX 1280250vertical
07293 VDD 315/4 EX 2770315vertical
07327 VDD 355/4 EX 4320355vertical
07353 VDD 400/4 EX 5360400vertical
07359 VDD 400/6 EX 3630400vertical
07386 VDD 450/4 EX 7930450vertical
07387 VDD 450/6 EX 5170450vertical
07413 VDD 500/4 EX 9350500vertical
07412 VDD 500/6 EX 5850500vertical
07430 VDD 560/6 EX 8455560vertical
07448 VDD 630/6 EX 14700630vertical