DVEC roof fans

DVEC roof fans

Diagonal discharge all-rounders

DVEC roof fans

Extremely weather-resistant roof fan in aerodynamically optimised plastic construction for a wide range of applications. The dynamically balanced diagonal aluminium impeller ensures low-noise operation, while the EC fans used offer maximum energy efficiency.


Ventilation system according to DIN 18017-3 with the DV EC roof fan

The DV EC roof fan is ideal for a ventilation system according to DIN 18017-3 in multi-storey buildings. It is connected to the central extract air shaft. The stale air from wet rooms and kitchens flows out of the extract air elements with usage-oriented functionality. The automatic, variable power adjustment takes place via the integrated pressure sensor. Draught-free intake air is supplied to the living rooms and bedrooms via automatic elements for window or wall installation.

DV EC roof fan at a glance:
DV EC series
  • Air flows up to 5,600 m³/h.
  • Diagonal air discharge direction.
  • Variable speed control.
  • "Pro" version has integrated pressure control.

Required air flow (Vmax) (8)
Maximum speed RPM (min-1) (8)

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