Smoke extraction roof fans

Smoke extraction roof fans

Smoke extraction roof fans

Also for everyday ventilation operation thanks to dual-use functionality

Smoke extraction roof fans

Developed to withstand the most extreme conditions, the Helios smoke extraction roof fans in temperature classes F400 and F600 are invaluable lifesavers in case of fire. Thanks to their dual functionality, they can also be used for everyday ventilation, e.g. in assembly areas and sales outlets. The vertical air outlet prevents damage to the adjacent parts of the building in case of fire. 


Series B VD
  • Variety of types up to 70,000 m³/h.
  • Dual function for ventilation and smoke extraction operation.
  • Innovative design with patented cooling concept.
  • For high snow loads: Deflectors B DEF up to snow load class SL 3000.
Helios roof fan video:

B VD roof fans in a comprehensive Helios ventilation system

Fire detection:
Smoke detector RMR

Smoke extraction controller EVS in conjunction with frequency inverter FU-CS


Bearing condition diagnostics system LZD

Example of use:

The smoke exhaust roof fans B VD ensure basic ventilation, for example, in a shopping mall. If a fire is registered by the Smoke detector RMR in a service unit, the smoke extraction controller EVS in combination with the Frequency inverter FU-CS will send a signal to the fans, which will switch to smoke extraction mode within fractions of a second. This ensures both quick and reliable smoke extraction and thus the safe evacuation of employees and visitors, as well as free access for the fire service. Another special feature of B VD series: The Helios Bearing condition diagnostic system LZD guarantees safe operation in case of emergency, even with long standstill periods.

Required air flow (Vmax) (40)
Nominal-Ø (mm) (40)
Temperature class
Maximum speed RPM (min-1) (40)

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Ref.-No. Type Vmax (m³/h) Nominal-Ø (mm)Temperature class Actions
07583 B VDD 315/4 F400 2950315F400
07585 B VDD 315/4 F600 2950315F600
07584 B VDD 315/6 F400 1900315F400
07586 B VDD 315/6 F600 1900315F600
01213 B VDD 355/4 F400 4250355F400
01232 B VDD 355/4 F600 4250355F600
01227 B VDD 355/6 F400 2700355F400
01451 B VDD 355/6 F600 2700355F600
01458 B VDD 400/4 F400 6150400F400
01480 B VDD 400/4 F600 6150400F600
01478 B VDD 400/6 F400 3850400F400
01487 B VDD 400/6 F600 3850400F600
01488 B VDD 450/4 F400 8450450F400
01566 B VDD 450/4 F600 4850450F600
01490 B VDD 450/6 F400 5250450F400
01572 B VDD 450/6 F600 5250450F600
01573 B VDD 500/4 F400 11750500F400
01597 B VDD 500/4 F600 11750500F600
01591 B VDD 500/6 F400 7700500F400
01618 B VDD 500/6 F600 7700500F600
01625 B VDD 560/4 F400 16850560F400
01638 B VDD 560/4 F600 16850560F600
01627 B VDD 560/6 F400 11000560F400
01639 B VDD 560/6 F600 11000560F600
01640 B VDD 630/4 F400 24300630F400
01643 B VDD 630/4 F600 24300630F600
01642 B VDD 630/6 F400 16000630F400
01644 B VDD 630/6 F600 16000630F600
01646 B VDD 710/4 F400 34850710F400
01648 B VDD 710/4 F600 34850710F600
01647 B VDD 710/6 F400 22950710F400
01698 B VDD 710/6 F600 22950710F600
01699 B VDD 800/4 F400 49850800F400
01715 B VDD 800/4 F600 49850800F600
01709 B VDD 800/6 F400 33050800F400
01716 B VDD 800/6 F600 33050800F600
01719 B VDD 900/4 F400 68550900F400
01721 B VDD 900/4 F600 68550900F600
01720 B VDD 900/6 F400 45300900F400
01723 B VDD 900/6 F600 45300900F600