Fresh air box

Fresh air box

Fresh air box

Ventilation incl. heating and filtering in one unit

Fresh air box

Supply air, heating and filter in one single unit: The Helios fresh air box ALB is installed directly in the round and rectangular duct runs and it is ideal for rooms where clean and preheated fresh air is required. Specially equipped silencer casings ensure that ALB are virtually silent. Large cartridge filters result in long cleaning intervals. Control options are available for maximum comfort and energy saving. 


Best indoor climate due to pre-heated, filtered supply air

The Helios fresh air boxes ALB provide for a pleasant indoor climate by supplying external intake air which is filtered and heated to the desired temperature – and all this in one unit!

  • Optionally with electric or warm water heating
  • Large cartridge filters for long cleaning intervals
  • Integrated control concept including control element for supply and extract air fans
  • Integrated sound insulation for quiet operation
Also ideal for commercial kitchen ventilation

Helios offers everything for an integrated ventilation system in commercial kitchens. In addition to a wide range of extract air fans, the ALB is ideal for a quiet and energy-saving air supply.

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Required air flow (Vmax) (8)
Sound pressure (8)
Maximum speed RPM (min-1) (8)

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