Domestic units for wall/ceiling installation

Domestic units for wall/ceiling installation

Domestic units for wall/ceiling installation

Healthy air and smart operation

Domestic units for wall/ceiling installation

Helios KWL systems automatically ensure a comfortable feel-good climate through the constant supply of fresh, filtered air that is preheated through highly efficient heat recovery. The multiple award-winning units also impress with an advanced “Smart Ventilation” control concept and they reflect Helios’ decades of experience in the field of comfort ventilation with heat recovery in every detail. 


Diverse ventilation solutions for all areas of application

Central KWL compact units are available in many sizes with air capacities from 170 up to 470 m³/h and they offer a variety of ventilation solutions for apartments and single family houses – individually adapted to the needs of residents.

  • Wall units "W" with 170, 200, 300, 360, 470 m³/h
  • Ceiling units "D" with 220, 340 m³/h
Effortless control thanks to easyControls 3.0

With integrated web server and cloud access, Helios easyControls revolutionises the user-friendliness of KWL units. Our KWL ventilation units with heat recovery are equipped with easyControls 3.0 as standard.

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Do you already know about KWLeasyPlan?

KWLeasyPlan enables the fast and reliable planning of complete KWL systems with Helios system components, the creation of bills of quantities and proofs of ventilation concepts in conformity with DIN 1946-6. Most conveniently at, directly in the browser. Includes the storage and creation of print-ready versions of your projects.

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With us, you not only get unique products, but a system from a single source:
  • Ventilation unit with heat recovery
  • Ground-to-brine and ground-to-air heat exchangers
  • Insulated duct system IsoPipe for intake air and exhaust air ducts
  • FlexPipe air distribution system for extract air and supply air
  • Accessories like silencers, air inlets and outlets, and much more.

For a living space of (m²)
Desired nominal air flow
With moisture recovery
With passive house certificate

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