KWL® Yoga

KWL® Yoga

Relaxed ventilation with decentralized KWL large-scale units

KWL<sup>®</sup> Yoga

The large decentralised ventilation units with heat recovery KWL Yoga are suitable for various requirements in new buildings as well as existing buildings. Maximum performance, extremely low operating noise and flexible control options are convincing advantages for use in schools, offices and commercial facilities. The extremely compact design and simple installation without an air distribution system also make KWL Yoga perfect for renovation projects. 


Relaxed ventilation with decentralised
KWL large-scale units

With KWL Yoga, efficient ventilation with heat recovery finds its way into rooms of various types and sizes easier than ever. Due to the omission of the air distribution system, this applies to new buildings just as much as renovations – an external wall is sufficient for fast and easy installation.

  • Guaranteed, automatic air exchange without user intervention.
  • Reduced heating costs due to efficient heat recovery.
  • Pleasant indoor climate with low CO₂ level.
  • Lightning-fast and space-saving installation.
  • Simple retrofitting, also in existing buildings.

The benefits of KWL Yoga

automatischer Luftwechsel
Take a deep breath thanks to the automatic air exchange

Guaranteed, automatic air exchange without the need for user intervention is especially important in public establishments.

Heizkosten reduzieren
Reduction of high
energy costs

Incidentally, with KWL Yoga, you can significantly reduce heating costs through efficient heat recovery.

Niedrige CO2 Konzentration
Feel good in the best
indoor climate

The best air quality with low CO₂ concentration promotes mental receptiveness and performance.

kein Aussenlärm
Enjoy without disturbance from

Since there is no need for usual window ventilation, there is no outdoor noise disturbance. This also results in less pollen and dust in the rooms.

KWL Yoga brings a feel-good climate
to almost any location
How it works:

KWL Yoga is mounted directly below the ceiling and it moves the air horizontally from there into the room. This ensures optimal room air quality after a short period of operation in combination with the optimised unit construction.

With regard to the so-called Coanda effect, the incoming air initially clings to the ceiling before gently dropping in the room and mixing with the room air. This ensures an efficient mix of fresh air and room air and guarantees consistently high air quality throughout the room without disturbing draughts.

More about KWL Yoga functionality and equipment


Desired nominal air flow
Electrical preheater

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Ref.-No. Type Vmin (m³/h)Vmax (m³/h)Electrical preheaterAfter-heater Actions
40032 KWL Yoga Style 1000 4101480Without preheaterWithout after-heater
40034 KWL Yoga Style 1000 EN 4101480Without preheaterElectrical after-heater
40680 KWL Yoga Style 1000 EN ET 4101480Without preheaterElectrical after-heater
40679 KWL Yoga Style 1000 ET 4101480Without preheaterWithout after-heater
40203 KWL Yoga Style 1000 EV 4101480Electrical preheaterWithout after-heater
40682 KWL Yoga Style 1000 EV ET 4101480Electrical preheaterWithout after-heater
40040 KWL Yoga Style 1000 EV/EN 4101480Electrical preheaterElectrical after-heater
40683 KWL Yoga Style 1000 EV/EN ET 4101480Electrical preheaterElectrical after-heater
40205 KWL Yoga Style 1000 EV/WW 4101480Electrical preheaterWarm water after-heater
40684 KWL Yoga Style 1000 EV/WW ET 4101480Electrical preheaterWarm water after-heater
40036 KWL Yoga Style 1000 WW 4101480Without preheaterWarm water after-heater
40681 KWL Yoga Style 1000 WW ET 4101480Without preheaterWarm water after-heater
40008 KWL Yoga Style 400 150560Without preheaterWithout after-heater
40010 KWL Yoga Style 400 EN 150560Without preheaterElectrical after-heater
40668 KWL Yoga Style 400 EN ET 150560Without preheaterElectrical after-heater
40667 KWL Yoga Style 400 ET 150560Without preheaterWithout after-heater
40014 KWL Yoga Style 400 EV 150560Electrical preheaterWithout after-heater
40670 KWL Yoga Style 400 EV ET 150560Electrical preheaterWithout after-heater
40016 KWL Yoga Style 400 EV/EN 150560Electrical preheaterElectrical after-heater
40671 KWL Yoga Style 400 EV/EN ET 150560Electrical preheaterElectrical after-heater
40018 KWL Yoga Style 400 EV/WW 150560Electrical preheaterWarm water after-heater
40672 KWL Yoga Style 400 EV/WW ET 150560Electrical preheaterWarm water after-heater
40012 KWL Yoga Style 400 WW 150560Without preheaterWarm water after-heater
40669 KWL Yoga Style 400 WW ET 150560Without preheaterWarm water after-heater
40020 KWL Yoga Style 700 340870Without preheaterWithout after-heater
40022 KWL Yoga Style 700 EN 340870Without preheaterElectrical after-heater
40674 KWL Yoga Style 700 EN ET 340870Without preheaterElectrical after-heater
40673 KWL Yoga Style 700 ET 340870Without preheaterWithout after-heater
40026 KWL Yoga Style 700 EV 340870Electrical preheaterWithout after-heater
40676 KWL Yoga Style 700 EV ET 340870Electrical preheaterWithout after-heater
40028 KWL Yoga Style 700 EV/EN 340870Electrical preheaterElectrical after-heater
40677 KWL Yoga Style 700 EV/EN ET 340870Electrical preheaterElectrical after-heater
40030 KWL Yoga Style 700 EV/WW 340870Electrical preheaterWarm water after-heater
40678 KWL Yoga Style 700 EV/WW ET 340870Electrical preheaterWarm water after-heater
40024 KWL Yoga Style 700 WW 340870Without preheaterWarm water after-heater
40675 KWL Yoga Style 700 WW ET 340870Without preheaterWarm water after-heater