AirPal air purifier

AirPal air purifier

AirPal air purifier

Stronger than viruses

AirPal air purifier

With the AirPal air purifiers, viruses, bacteria and other pollutants are efficiently removed from the room air. Floor-standing units for fixed installation locations as well as mobile solutions for flexible use work with a highly efficient HEPA 14 air filter system and thus achieve a separation efficiency of more than 99.995 %.


Helios AirPal floor-standing units

The floor-standing units are equipped with a 3 level filter concept and meet the highest safety level with a separation efficiency of more than 99.995 %.

  • Advanced EC motor technology reduces energy consumption
  • The air flows into the room well above head height. This ensures draught-free and optimal air distribution at all times
  • Quiet operation is guaranteed through an elaborate sound insulation concept with acoustically optimised casings
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Helios AirPal Go mobile units

AirPal Go air purifiers are unbeatably versatile and rapidly deployable wherever they are needed.

  • Advanced EC motor technology reduces energy consumption and allows variable control
  • The practical rollers allow you to use AirPal Go flexibly wherever you need it
  • AirPal Go are designed for long-lasting and draught-free operation
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AirPal highlights

automatischer Luftwechsel
Technology for a breath of fresh air.

Highly efficient filter concept with up to three levels demonstrably filters 99.995 % of all viruses from the room air.

Heizkosten reduzieren
Unpack and get started.

Helios AirPal comes pre-configured – all you need is one free power socket and you can breathe with confidence.

Niedrige CO2 Konzentration
AirPal is green. 

The latest EC fans ensure that the air purifiers not only operate reliably, but also in an energy saving manner.

kein Aussenlärm
Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Innovative sound insulation concept for very quiet operation, so you will not be disturbed.

AirPal Select – the easy way to healthy air
  • With just a few details, you can easily find the right air purifier for your application
  • The criteria correspond to the recommendations of the German Building Climate Association (FGK) and are based on the normative specifications of DIN EN 16798-1, extended by an activity factor
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