AIR1 XVP 2500

AIR1 XVP 2500

Compact ventilation units with heat recovery for floor installation indoors

Ref.-No. 40615


Compact ventilation unit with heat recovery for floor-standing installation indoors, incl. control unit ready-wired. Universal installation possible with fresh air connection on the left or right. Continuous operation at low outside air temperatures optionally by modulating bypass in conjunction with a reheating register, electric pre-heating or dysbalance control. For increased comfort temperature requirements, an electric or hot water reheating register can be optionally installed in the unit casing. Casing: Panel construction of aluzinc sheet, thermally optimised to minimise thermal bridges. Double-walled panels made of Aluzinc sheet metal, insulated on all sides with 50 mm mineral wool for optimum heat and sound insulation, corrosion-resistant (class C4) coating (RAL 7047) on the outside, galvanised on the inside. Casing classes according to DIN EN 1886: T2/TB2/D1, Generous inspection openings on both sides of the unit for easy access to all unit components and optimal cleaning and maintenance possibilities. Condensate connection option at the bottom of the unit: 1 x exhaust air side, 1 x supply air side, DN 32 mm. Stainless steel condensate tray with integrated slope. Eurovent-certified cross-counterflow plate heat exchanger made of aluminium with a high thermal efficiency of up to 90 % according to EN 308. The heat exchanger has a high internal tightness and is therefore particularly suitable for applications where there may be a risk of odour transfer. The heat exchanger module has an automatic bypass damper mechanism as standard with complete coverage of the heat exchanger for free cooling (night cooling) and cold recovery in summer. Fans: 2 direct-drive EC motors, class IE4 with very low SFP values, dynamically balanced and vibration-damped mounted in the unit. Variable control via 0-10V signal. Plug-in connections on all electrical components to simplify maintenance work. Filter: Two large-area, pressure loss-optimised cassette filters are fitted as standard (outside air ePM155% (F7) and extract air ePM10 50% (M5)). The use of filter classes up to ePM1 80% (F9) in the outside air and ePM1 55% (F7) in the extract air is optionally possible. In addition, a pre-filter of class ePM 10 50% (M5) can be used in the outside air directly in the unit. The filter is monitored by means of dynamic, volume flow-dependent pressure monitoring. Control: The ventilation unit is delivered ready for operation with a versatile control system. The control unit is mounted in a terminal box at the top of the unit for easy maintenance, wired at the factory and function-tested. There is a choice of 2 control elements (ECO and Touch) (accessories required). Control functions: Ventilation modes constant volume CAV, constant pressure VAV (accessory required), constant speed CRPM in % or via weekly programme. Automatic ventilation mode/ Ventilation-On-Demand (VOD) by means of humidity, CO2 or VOC sensors. Up to 18 sensors can be connected per ventilation unit. Free cooling, active cooling by means of cooling register (cold water or change-over). Temperature control, e.g. constant supply air, outside temperature controlled supply air, room-supply air cascade, etc. possible. Digital inputs for fire alarm and external switch (on / off). Digital output for collective fault signal. External fan control via two analogue 0-10V inputs (supply air and extract air fan separately). Connection to the BMS via BACnet IP or Modbus TCP possible. Commissioning wizards for simple and fast commissioning of the unit and the matching accessories.

Technical Data

General Information
Type:AIR1 XVP 2500
Flow rate free-blowing:3000 m³/h
Voltage:400 V , 50 Hz
Rated current (FLC) uncontrolled:3.4 A
Max. air flow temperature:50 °C
IP protection category:31
Weight:427 kg
Unit design:universal
Installation position:floor
Heat exchanger:plate heat exchanger
ErP-ηt::82 %
P-qnom (nominal air flow):0.67 m³/s
Wiring diagram no.:1509