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KWL MultiZoneBox

For the first time, the KWL® MultiZoneBox combines the functions of volume flow control, sound attenuation and air distribution in one compact unit – for supply and exhaust air! In combination with a central building KWL® unit, the MultiZoneBox ensures silent, needs-oriented ventilation.

ultraSilence ELS EC

Now with efficient EC-Technology: ultraSilence ELS EC enters the next phase of the wordwide awarded mono-tube ventilation system. Equipped with new motor technology, the new ELS EC is more environmentally friendly, more economical  and more efficient than ever!

Single room ventilation unit KWL EC 45

The EcoVent Verso opens up com-pletely new possibilities for the econo-mical ventilation of single rooms. The EcoVent Verso is particularly useful if there is limited space available due to its compact dimensions, whether it is used in new construction or renovation, for single-family houses or apartment buildings.

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