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AirPal air purifiers from Helios are a reliable way to efficiently remove the aerosols identified as carriers of viruses from the room air. They are immediately operational, quiet and extremely flexible.

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Fire protection / smoke extraction.

Fans for technical building services (TGA) and smoke extraction.

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Systems for your safety

As a system provider in areas of technical building services (TGA) Helios features a complete carpark ventilation program with flow rates up to 155 560 m³/h. The solutions are suitable for use at normal temperature, as well as for the smoke extraction according to the classifications F300, F400 and F600.

Helios Jet Fans

Helios jet fans come in axial and centrifugal design. The compact and lightweight aluminium construction and low noise levels combined with maximum thrusts of 6 to 75 N make them market leading jet fans.


The entire product range is displayed in the TGA Catalogue:


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International Version of the Helios TGA Catalogue 4.0 in English.

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