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AirPal air purifiers from Helios are a reliable way to efficiently remove the aerosols identified as carriers of viruses from the room air. They are immediately operational, quiet and extremely flexible.

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Axial- and VAR-fans

High-performance axial and medium-pressure ventilators RADAX® VAR high-pressure in-line fans

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Helios expertise in aerodynamics. Axial fans without limits.

As one of the leading European fan manufacturers, Helios impresses with extraordinarily large, finely graduated range of high-performance axial, medium-pressure and  RADAX VAR high-pressure fans in all performance ranges.
We offer a complete range for high-performance axial fans with aerodynamic and acoustically optimised impeller and an innovative motor concept (diameter of 250 to 500 mm). The particularly energy-saving EC models achieve energy savings of over 55% in comparison to conventional AC types thanks to their speed controls. The AC high-performance axial fans with diameters of 250 to 500 mm and voltage control have an impressive, tried-and-tested and robust design and increase efficiency by 25% while reducing noise by 50%.

Centrifugal performance characteristics with axial flow pattern: RADAX VAR

In their compact casing, the RADAX VAR impellers ensure high pressure and a large volume conveyed. The VAR's recipe for success lies in the combination of the performance characteristics of centrifugal fans with an axial flow pattern. Guiding the air in a straight line improves the efficiency and allows a significant reduction of the space re-quired, as well as savings in terms of the ducting system.

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