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AirPal air purifiers from Helios are a reliable way to efficiently remove the aerosols identified as carriers of viruses from the room air. They are immediately operational, quiet and extremely flexible.

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Helios air purifier AirPal – Stronger than any virus

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Experience from recent months has shown that distance and disinfection measures do not protect against the transmission of infections by aerosols. This is where AirPal air purifiers from Helios are a reliable way to efficiently remove aerosols, which are identified as carriers of Covid-19 viruses from indoor air. AirPal units are ready for immediate use, require no installation or adjustment, and are therefore the ideal immediate measure to ensure indoor safety quickly and with little effort.

To provide the ideal solution for every application, AirPal is available in different sizes and designs, as stand-alone units, e.g. for classrooms, restaurants and waiting rooms, and as mobile units on wheels, e.g. for use in various meeting rooms. The air purifiers are either equipped with filters of the highest HEPA 14 grade and remove 99.995% of viruses from the room air or have a disinfecting UV-C system that kills viruses effectively and safely.


  • Technology for a breath of fresh air:
    A highly efficient filter concept of up to three levels filters viruses, pollutants and fine particles from the room air.

  • Unpack and get started:
    Thanks to the pre-configured delivery, all you need is one free power socket and AirPal is ready to go.

  • Helios AirPal is green:
    The latest EC fans guarantee that the air purifiers not only operate reliable, but also in an energy-saving manner.

  • Enjoy the peace and quiet:
    The innovative sound insulation concept ensures quiet operation so you will not be disturbed.

Further information:


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Stronger than any virus – Helios air purifier AirPal

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