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Take a deep breath with KWL Yoga

The new, decentralised ventilation units with heat recovery from Helios offer the right solution for every requirement. Automatic air exchange without the need for user intervention is particularly important in schools and other public facilities. KWL Yoga creates a lasting comfortable climate without the disturbing influences of dirt, pollen, dust and street noise that are practically unavoidable with window ventilation.

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The housing variant KWL Yoga Style has, among other things, a special design air intake element. These optical accents make it ideal for a representative environment, such as shops or restaurants.

With KWL Yoga, only those rooms for which there is a real need are ventilated. Thanks to the decentralized design, there is no need to lay ventilation pipes. The installation work is thus reduced to a minimum and, thanks to the fully configured units, is ideal for building renovation.



pdf.png KWL YOGA – large decentralised KWL units 09.20 4.67 MB Download

Relaxed ventilation: Large decentralised KWL units.

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