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AirPal air purifiers from Helios are a reliable way to efficiently remove the aerosols identified as carriers of viruses from the room air. They are immediately operational, quiet and extremely flexible.

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Efficient, compact and extra powerful – the new Jet Fans IVR EC

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The fact that Helios flat centrifugal jet fans are particularly durable and effective has been well known in the market for years. The new generation is equipped with highly efficient EC technology and raises the benchmark even higher:

  • Particularly economical – due to the latest EC motors
  • Variable controllability
  • Newly developed lightweight aluminium casing - for simple installation
  • Peak efficiency with minimal sound emission levels

The Jet Fans provide demand-oriented ventilation in a variety of applications:

IVR EC in parking garages
The impulse fans are used for daily supply and extract ventilation. The clever combination with the Helios gas warning system ensures a continuous measurement of the pollutants. As soon as this concentration – e.g. CO – becomes too high, the ventilation will activate based on demand. The parking garage is flushed out and the pollutants are transported to the extract air fans through targeted air movement. In this respect, air flows through the entire garage.

IVR EC in commercial and industrial halls
Too humid, too warm, used air – high air quality in commercial and industrial halls is rare.
Helios offers you the ideal solution with the jet fans with EC technology: IVR EC has become a clever, individually configurable system due to the variable speed control and optionally available sensors. The air pulse of the Helios IVR EC can dilute, mix, and flush humid or warm air based on demand. The system continuously reacts to critical temperature, humidity, CO2 or VOC values at any time.

The brochure (PDF):


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Jet Fans with EC-technology

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