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AirPal air purifiers from Helios are a reliable way to efficiently remove the aerosols identified as carriers of viruses from the room air. They are immediately operational, quiet and extremely flexible.

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Helios air purifier AirPal – Stronger than any virus

Experience from recent months has shown that distance and disinfection measures do not protect against the transmission of infections by aerosols. This is where AirPal air purifiers from Helios are a reliable way to efficiently remove aerosols, which are identified as carriers of Covid-19 viruses from indoor air. AirPal units are ready for immediate use, require no installation or adjustment, and are therefore the ideal immediate measure to ensure indoor safety quickly and with little effort.

Helios CO2 monitors as an indicator of air quality

In these times of the Coronavirus pandemic, fresh, healthy air is crucial for staying safe in enclosed spaces. As the CO2 concentration increases, so does the number of aerosols in the room air and thus the risk of viral infection – it is high time to ventilate! Our CO2-monitors constantly measure the quality of the room air and signal as soon as it changes.

Safe solutions from the specialist for healthy air

Already at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, far-reaching measures were taken to contain the risk of infection via so-called droplet infections. A few months later, experts agree - this is not enough! Tiny suspended particles of solid and liquid substances, so-called aerosols, can also be carriers of the dangerous viruses. However, unlike the cumbersome droplets, they move much longer in the air and can circulate quickly and unrestrictedly in closed rooms.

‘ACTION’ for the new Helios AIR1 made for proClips

Helios now offers short and practical video tutorials for the successful Helios AIR1 compact ventilation unit range. Whether during the initial commissioning of the units, the subsequent installation of extensions or during maintenance work...

With fresh air against the spread of viruses in school, office and living space

The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) confirms: correct ventilation can significantly reduce the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2. But what does "correct" mean? In a statement on the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 indoors, the Indoor Air Hygiene Commission (IRK) recommends "the highest possible supply of fresh air".

Damp rooms belong to the past

With the new humidity difference control Helios FDR, problems with damp rooms are a thing of the past. The new systems continuously measure temperature and humidity inside and outdoor. The intelligent control system then decides whether suitable conditions for ventilation are present, so that optimal functioning is always guaranteed.

Take a deep breath with KWL Yoga

The new, decentralised ventilation units with heat recovery from Helios offer the right solution for every requirement. Automatic air exchange without the need for user intervention is particularly important in schools and other public facilities. KWL Yoga creates a lasting comfortable climate without the disturbing influences of dirt, pollen, dust and street noise that are practically unavoidable with window ventilation.

The new Helios standard range catalogue 5.0 is available!

The new Helios main catalogue 5.0 is now available both as a PDF and in a printed version. With completely revised content, a new look and many additional products, the new main catalogue presents the complete Helios product range on almost 600 pages.

Welcome to the land of innovations

Helios has a lot to offer this year - from new systems in the CHP sector, intelligent protection for damp rooms, practical video tutorials and much more. Visit our "Land of Innovations" at www.heliosventilatoren.de/news2020/en.

EcoVent Verso is now more compact than ever!

Our popular KWL EcoVent Verso single room ventilation unit for decentralized ventilation with heat recovery is now available with a new diameter. With now only 160 mm, it is now more compact than ever.

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